IonArmour is committed to helping solve problems of global proportions

Helping those most in need isn''t just something we do—it''s in our DNA, it''s where we originated from. Our true goal isn''t to simply help either. We want to revolutionize. That''s a lofty goal, but lofty aspirations are needed to help bring about change and impact. We''re starting with water, because that''s where we had our own start. It''s also the "Water for Life" decade, an international decade for action to address global water scarcity and quality issues as declared by the United Nations. We can all do our part to take action, and we welcome you to join us.

Arsenic remediation

Project details coming soon.

Water-borne disease reduction

Project details coming soon.

Other projects

Project details coming soon.

"The polymer surface modification described is something that I and many others have long wanted for a wide variety of applications...It seems that I get a call every few months looking for a proposal to solve a problem of this type - and now I know of a promising approach."

Dr. Casmir Ilenda, 30-year veteran of Plastics/Additives division, Rohm & Haas

"IonArmour fills an increasingly urgent and global need for advanced microbe eradication technology that offers people ultra high performance while remaining easy for product makers to adopt."

Alexander Mittal, Co-Founder, Innova Dynamics